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Shayna Hiller

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Shayna Hiller

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Branding, Design, Development, Ecommerce, Event Promotion

Shayna Hiller is a yoga teacher and certified Health Coach based in Venice Beach, California. She is the author of ‘Don’t Judge Me By My Cover‘. As a former hairdresser and travel nomad turned Health and Business Coach, her intuitive spiritual guidance coupled with over a decade of professional training offers her clients a comprehensive holistic method for reclaiming optimal health and connecting to their purpose. Some refer to Shayna as a ‘modern mystic’. Her approach reaches beyond mainstream coaching to reveal and forgive the root causes of various health and life concerns including emotional eating, anxiety, depression, relationship imbalances, and career choices. She has acute intelligence and articulation to discuss complex topics related to health and life, which is why many people benefit from her teachings. Her light-hearted, authentic approach to personal development and wellness is truly one of a kind. Shayna believes in consciously uniting the material and spiritual worlds in order to help people discover their true calling in life.

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