Product launch

Do you have a new product you would like to launch? Do you have some existing products that you feel are really great but could do better? Whatever kind of product you’re selling, no matter how good it is, the ranking matters.


What do we mean by ranking? This is how well the product ranks either on Google or the specific platform you are selling the product on, be it Amazon or some other marketplace. By appearing higher up in the rankings, your product will be seen by many more eyeballs, which will increase the chances that someone will buy it.


Another important aspect of marketing for your product is the launch. You need to let the public know that the product exists with as much fanfare as you can muster. By having the product firmly established in the minds of your audience, you can then actively promote it and expect more sales of your product.


That’s what we do for your products. In case you have a new product, we organize a product launch. We prepare a high conversion product landing page complete with sales copy and a launch video to get your audience hooked. We also include a call to action to get them to actually buy the product. We then send out a product launch email to your email list with a call to action and a link to the product landing page so you can get traffic to it. All the while we provide you with real-time statistics on the traffic and conversions you are getting so you can objectively measure the success of your product launch.


For both new and existing products, we also boost the product on major online markets to get more eyeballs to see your products. It all boils down to SEO, of course, and we have experts that are well-versed in ranking SEO. We get your products to the top, and the sales swiftly follow.