Yoga Teacher Packages

Every business today needs a website to help it stay competitive in whatever industry it exists. With people spending more and more of their time online, it is in your best interest as a business to have a strong online presence in order to capture the attention of all those people. With a beautiful and well-designed website, you can get people to visit it and stay on it, increasing the chances that they could turn from a casual visitor into a loyal customer.


In the business of teaching yoga, in particular, embracing technology as a way to reach out to potential clients is the most powerful strategy you can adopt right now. Most of your potential clients are spending their time on their phones and tablets and can’t be bothered to physically hunt around for a yoga teacher. They want to get an and all information online.


This is something you can take advantage of immediately. By having a website for your yoga business, you increase your chances of being discovered by these potential clients, and also give your marketing efforts a wider reach, as you will be able to capture the attention of potential clients who aren’t in physical proximity of your studio but are willing to travel the distance for sessions or pay to have a yogi travel to them.

It’s no secret that having a great website for your yoga business is a great way to make that business sustainable and profitable. And yet it isn’t always easy. You may be struggling and feeling rather paralyzed by all the millions of design options you have. The tech side of things might scare you, especially if you have no background in technology.


You might also have heard about terrible stories of other businesses hiring designers who either took too long to deliver a product or simply bailed on the project, leading to a waste of a significant investment.


We get it, you take your investment seriously, and you don’t want your money to end up in the wrong hands. You don’t want to hire someone that is going to do a shoddy job and leave you confused about how to maintain or update your website once everything is done.


We understand that a beautiful website is important for your business and might be the most effective way for you to get those clients you dream of.

Don’t worry about it; we’re here for you. We have a lot of experience, having built many websites for small businesses in diverse industries. With all of that experience and skill, we actually know how to get you on the path to building your site and growing your business.


We understand all of the technologies involved in building a website. You may have heard of web-building services, like Squarespace or Wix or even the gigantic WordPress. You may have heard of web development technologies like HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and even heard of buzzwords like “frontend” and “backend.” All of it can get pretty confusing, and you might have no idea where to start.


That’s why we’re here. All you really have to give us is your idea. What do you want your website to look like? What information do you want to add to it? What kind of services are you offering? These are among the basic questions we’ll ask in order to be able to turn your vision into a reality.


With a consultancy involved in all of our packages, we will not only clear the fog on all the confusing aspect of building your own website, but we will also get you started on realizing your vision.

It doesn’t just stop at web building, and any service that merely builds a website and then leaves will leave you feeling shortchanged. Once you have your website up and running, you need to start marketing it and optimizing it so it can get in front of as many eyeballs as possible.


Your website needs to be indexed so it appears on search engines like Google when people search for keywords related to your niche. Have you ever done a Google search? When you search for a term like “yoga teacher,” you will see a page of results, with a list of links ranked from top to bottom. Each link comes with a title highlighted in blue (the meta title) and a short snippet describing the article in the page (meta description). You’re likely to click on the first few links you see to get the information you were searching for.


That’s what you want for your page. You want to be among the top results on search engines when users search for specific terms. We help you with that. We optimize your webpages so that they can be seen by search engines and also so that they have features and attributes that make them more likely to be ranked first on search results. Don’t worry about it; we’ll hold your hand every step of the way.

One of the best ways to market your website organically is via content marketing. This is all about writing helpful content on your website so that people who are searching for solutions to their yoga problems can find them on your website. It helps you to draw in organic traffic from search engines and also helps to build the authority of your website as other websites, and even users will eventually begin linking to your articles, which will improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.


Content marketing also makes your website more interesting and informative and will increase the average time that users spend on the website, improving your conversion rates in the process.


We can help you set up a content marketing strategy that answers your users questions and also gets traffic flowing regularly to your website, increasing your chances of nabbing new clients.

Once you have a website, you will need to connect it to your social media pages. This makes it easy to connect with your visitors by allowing them to share your content to their social media accounts, which increases the authority of your website and draws in traffic from social media.


We can help you set up your social media and optimize them to gain a following as quickly as possible. Each social media platform is unique, and we have an intimate understanding of each one that will help you build the very best accounts you can.


Social media is your friend. We help you make the most of that friend.

As a business, you will want to appear in directories like Google’s, Yelp, and other such directory and review site. The point of a directory is to have your business listed on a site with lots of members and also to have your business reviewed by people who have paid for your services. By keeping your clients satisfied and politely asking them to give you positive reviews on such directories, you can easily build your authority and attract even more clients from these review sites.


We help you get listed on directories and give you plenty of advice and help on accumulating as many positive reviews as you can to build the credibility of your business.


Something else we help with is to get your business listed on Google, complete with contact information, location, and reviews by Google users. This not only helps to build credibility for your business, but it also helps with local SEO so your business is more visible to potential clients in your area.

We will also help you with other aspects of your marketing and advertising strategy to get your yoga business up and running. Whether it’s setting up ads on Facebook or Google Ads or designing banners to put up in other websites or designing an affiliate program to drive traffic and potential clients to your website, we are here to help.


We will not only help you with advice on how to do it but can also manage your advertising accounts for you for the first few months so you never feel lonely at the beginning of your journey.

In case you already have a yoga website and would like to migrate it from one platform to another, we can help with that too. We are well-versed with all the various web-hosting services and will perform your complete migration for you at an affordable fee.